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Feed: Know Your Grains

Grains are very low in calcium and although thy are moderate in phosphorous, it is not very available to pigs and chickens.  All grains are low in some or all of the trace minerals and vitamins so when feeding or mixing grains for your animals it is important that you balance their diet.


Example 1:  Poultry:


Mixing Layer Pellets and Hen Scratch will reduce the calcium provided in half and may cause soft shells as well as a reduced number of eggs.  Layer pellets are formulated to be fed as a complete feed to laying hens to prevent these problems.  We don’t recommend feeding more than 10% of a layer’s feed as hen scratch with the remainder layer pellets or layer crumble.


Example 2:  Horse:


Mixing C.O.B. (Corn, Oats, Barley) with Horse Pellets 50/50 means you have reduced provided Selenium, Copper, Zinc, and a host of other Vitamins and Minerals in half.  If you choose to feed this style of program you will need to feed a balancing pellet (such as Matrix M.V. Balancer) or a vitamin supplement to ensure Calcium, Phosphorous, Selenium and all other Minerals and Vitamins are provided in balance.